Passion and cure for delicacy lead to three organic gems: Stilla Solis, Æoleum and Tér.

The main characters are the Sicilian native cultivars located on the Nebrodi Mounts’ hills, which gave life to three different high quality products. Terravostra mostly uses Minuta Nasitana and Verdello to create three genuine and special organic EVO oils, which bring with them the mark of the island.

Stilla Solis

Stilla Solis is an organic extra-virgin olive oil consisting of a higher percentage of the “Minuta Nasitana”. Stilla Solis has got a good density and a green and gold colour, while its olfactory characteristics remind of artichoke, freshly cut grass and tomato, and give it a bitter/spicy taste – due to polyphenols – pleasant when eating.


Its flavour is particularly intense and it has a good density and a rich golden colour.  Its taste reminds of artichoke and tomato, giving a slight sensation of bitterness and spiciness.


Each element includes a citrus flavouring that represents the difference between them: the secret is the essential oil of Sicilian red orange, red mandarin and lemon. When combined with the organic EVO oil, they give life to three special and natural dressings, symbol of a rich and fertile land.


A small company born in Capo d’Orlando, in a prosperous and colorful area in the province of Messina, Terravostra produces and sells organic EVO oil. The origins of this high quality oil reach back to several years ago, when Antonino made the decision to exploit his own land to produce a fine EVO oil for private consumption, keeping his family’s traditions.

Terravostra endorsed this willingness and Angelo Morabito – Antonino’s son-in-law – decided to look after the cure and cultivation of the land, not only to preserve traditions but mostly to promote the true essence of Sicilian tastes over the island’s borders. In order to do this, Angelo chose a very special oil born on the hills of Nebrodi Mounts, working with passion and devotion.


The main wish of the company is to revaluate its place of origin by spreading the knowledge of Sicily’s social, cultural, food and agricultural qualities. As a consequence, one of the purposes of Terravostra is to enhance the autochthonous cultivars “Minuta Nasitana” and “Verdello”, which are particularly precious and appreciated since ancient times for their low level of acidity, their high percentage of polyphenols and their fragrance.

Terravostra also means social project. Its aim is to boost and support existing agricultural holdings by commercializing their own EVO oils. This project includes also another purpose: in fact, one of the most important points for Terravostra is to restore fallow lands, generating new value for Sicilian resources and job opportunities.

Il vino che rallegra il cuore dell’uomo, l’olio che gli fa risplendere il volto.

Il libro dei Salmi – Antico Testamento

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