The Mission

The Project before the profit.

The Mission

The main wish of the company is to revaluate its place of origin by spreading the knowledge of Sicily’s social, cultural, food and agricultural qualities. As a consequence, one of the purposes of Terravostra is to enhance the autochthonous cultivars “Minuta Nasitana” and “Verdello”, which are particularly precious and appreciated since ancient times for their low level of acidity, their high percentage of polyphenols and their fragrance.

Terravostra also means social project. Its aim is to boost and support existing agricultural holdings by commercializing their own EVO oils. This project includes also another purpose: in fact, one of the most important points for Terravostra is to restore fallow lands, generating new value for Sicilian resources and job opportunities.

Harvesting and Production

The olives’ harvesting must occur around September-October, when they are still green, so not too ripe. This condition guarantees the production of a high quality EVO oil, polyphenols’ richness and a more fruity taste. Indeed, a well calculated harvesting permits to produce an olive oil easily to preserve and to reduce the so called Alternate Bearing, which implies two alternated years of full and scarce production.

There are many ways to harvest olives. Among them, Terravostra chose the “combing” one, a process that needs particular instruments like pneumatic or electric poles, which “comb” the branches and make olives fall on a cloth lying at the bottom of the tree.

Right after the combing, the fruits are gathered and washed in a wide tank to prepare them for the “pressing”, which has to be done within 8 hours after the harvesting.

This is the first phase of oil extraction: through mechanical means olives convert into oil paste, a mixture consisting of a solid segment – pits, peel and pulp – and a liquid one – the olives’ juice.

The next step is the malaxation, a procedure that involves a kneading machine de-emulsifying oil and paste and gathering the liquid segment into big drops thanks to a slow continuous kneading of the mixture.

Malaxtion is the most important moment of olive oil extraction, because quality, taste and quantity of the final product derive from it. This particular procedure can be considered “cold extraction” or not depending on the temperature kept during the process. The cold extraction takes place under 27 degrees through a continuous mechanical mean with a two-phase system – without water addition – and a centrifuge that sets aside the liquid and the solid segments of the paste.

Angelo Morabito

Founder of Terravostra, decided to look after the cure and cultivation of the land, not only to preserve traditions but mostly to promote the true essence of Sicilian tastes over the island’s borders.

In order to do this, Angelo chose a very special oil born on the hills of Nebrodi Mounts, working with passion and devotion.

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