Sicilia, Val Dèmone and Nebrodi


The extreme end of Sicily; Sicily’s entrance. Even if every bay, every beach is good to land on Sicily, this strip of land stretching its arm towards the Calabria region -towards Italy, as we Sicilians say with a touch of superiority reminding of “The Gattopardi”- has been Europe’s port of entry to the Island of the Sun: it was a fixed route for many civilizations and Barbarians who were directed towards the Trinacria or only in transit towards the African coasts.For about one thousand years Sicily has been divided, administratively and politically, into three “Valleys”: Val di Mazara, Val di Noto and Val Dèmone. Among these three valleys, Val Dèmone was the most industrious and culturally the most lively one. Maybe because it is more outstretched towards Europe, the western civilization; but it doesn’t refuse the culture of Magna Graecia, the eastern and elaborated logic of the Byzantines, the imagination of Muslim. But history doesn’t characterise this strip of land as much as imagination, and history itself blends with the Myth, as far as the latter enters everyday life and becomes an essential part of the ethnic characteristics of this people.

E’ questa la forza potente di questa parte del mondo:
il sole con la sua luce dona energia e calore
riempiendo la terra di frutti preziosi, ricchi di sostanza, fondamentali per la salute dell’uomo.
E l’uomo ricambia custodendo la terra e racchiudendo il sole in un prodotto pregiato:


Homer and Dante were fascinated by those imaginary stories: Val Dèmone itself is named after Dionysus or Bacchus, who the entire area was dedicated to, demoded to “demon” when the first Christians arrived; or also the Lipari islands, (or Aeolian, as we were taught at school), occupied by Aeolus, god of the winds, who used his powers to drive the disrespectful Ulysses again out the sea. Just in front of the seven sisters, is the town Charlemagne dedicated to his bravest paladin, Roland: Capo d’Orlando is the town which summaries the characteristics of a coast suspended between history and legend.

There sheltered the last Gattopardi, more and more sure that the Sicilian people had noting to improve in, because it was already perfect. So we like to imagine that the wonderful Venus, flying above that blue sea, had absent-mindedly lost seven pearls from her necklace; that the Muse had scattered on the coast the thousand stories born from their imagination and Mercury its industry: so the Coast of Val Dèmone was born. (from “Val Dèmone”, Elio d’Amico, in La Sicilia Ritrovata, ed. Peppe Giuffrè, 2006)

Monti Nebrodi

On this piece of land, just behind this beautiful coastline, there are the Monti Nebrodi, that have always played the role of green lungs of Sicily, the natural continuation of the Apennines, now largely protected as a nature reserve rich in flora and fauna; in the area of this small mountain range, mainly located within the area of Capo d’Orlando and Naso, the Terravostra project takes place, aimed at giving new agricultural importance to many abandoned or fallow lots.

A path that aims to promote mainly the ancient oil tradition intertwining with memory retrieval to revalue, protect and enhance territory, traditions, environmental resources based on a model of social and economic development compatible with the original characteristics of the Nebrodi, with tourist vocation and its cultural ambitions. The interest revolves around the age-old olive trees, extraordinary elements of nature and living proof of past, that rise along a fascinating route where fragments of modernity alternate with ancient ruins, no affecting an harmonious balance.

Here, you can still smell the scent of olive oil freshly pressed that fills the air, the smell of freshly baked bread that rises from the alleys, perceiving the farmers’ wisdom of the territory, listening nature’s whisper. Finally taste, in a sumptuous triumph of taste, delicious dishes inherited from ancient civilizations which, in this place, left that soul forever.

Il vino che rallegra il cuore dell’uomo, l’olio che gli fa risplendere il volto.

Il libro dei Salmi – Antico Testamento
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